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Twilight 5 – the last 5 movie in never ending vampire franchise.  The Twilight Saga 5 Breaking Dawn part 2 it’s a new, 2012 movie the sequel of Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn part 1. All films based on a Stephenie Meyer novels – vampire trilogy.

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Credited cast : Kristen Stewart,Robert Pattinson,Taylor Lautner,Peter Facinelli,Elizabeth Reaser,Ashley Greene,Jackson Rathbone,Kellan Lutz,Nikki Reed,Billy Burke,Chaske Spencer,Mackenzie Foy,Maggie Grace,Jamie Campbell Bower,Christopher Heyerdahl




Twilight 5 Movie Review

I wish that they had done this when they started and not given us a terribly slow movie to begin with on this series. Twilight 5 movie had it all from showing how strong Bella is, showing the baby and her growth even though she was really creepy looking as a child because of CGI. This movie with the best twist ending that I have seen to date was the only thing that I could focus on while I was sick. I even tried to fall asleep during it and couldn’t. Most movies I do have to fall asleep through and watch later. It was nice to see all end well and basically know that its over now. I really love how the final moments are,showing them laying in the field of flowers. This is not the best series of movies by far but they did an amazing job with the last movie, if you haven’t seen it yet definitely give it a watch.

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