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This Must Be The Place is a movie that opened to audiences on November 2, 2012. Its running time is one hour and fifty-eight minutes in length and its overall rating is NR. This movie has an NR Rating due to disturbing images, sexual content, and bad language. Critics have given it a thumbs up and say go see it. Fans feel the same way and say see it too. It was directed by Paolo Sorrentino and it stars Sean Penn, Frances McDormand, Judd Hirsch, Eve Hewson, among the celebrities in the cast.
This Must Be The Place is a movie, that is about a former rock star named Cheyenne, who is played by Sean Penn. At the age of 50, Cheyenne is still dressed up in Goth style clothes, and is residing in Dublin at the grace of his record royalties. Nonetheless, when Cheyenne’s father dies, he has to journey to New York. Even though he and his father never talked. Cheyenne soon learns that his dad had an obsession. What is this obsession? See the movie to learn more.

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  • Country: Italy , France , Ireland

This Must Be the Place Movie Trailer

Credited cast : Sean Penn, Judd Hirsch, Frances McDormand, Eve Hewson,Kerry Condon,Harry Dean Stanton,Joyce Van Patten,David Byrne,Olwen Fouere,Shea Whigham,Liron Levo,Simon Delaney,Heinz Lieven,Seth Adkins,Peter Carey




This Must Be the Place Movie Review

You will be really surprised by this vehicle for bad boy Sean Penn. Made up to look something like Robert Smith of The 1980’s band The Cure. Soft spoken and philosophically thoughtful, 50+ old punk-rocker/goth Cheyenne makes a strange and belated entry into adulthood. This is all due to his following to conclusion the revenge his late father wished to mete out on a Nazi camp official. There are some fantastic lines that really catch you off guard. The effect is affectionate castigation – pretty much as contradictory as all the other motifs in the This Must Be the Place movie. Watch out for: “I do apologize. I think I owe it to you to admit I really intended to do that!” Priceless, and laugh out loud funny. Cinematography is wondrous and suits a very large screen. Even ugly places appear desirable – like I said, there is much that is contrariwise! The script works beautifully for all the characters and no actor falls short. It ought to win awards though it is so unlike a ‘normal’ movie I doubt it will. I think one other actor could have added to the Cheyenne part and that is the comic actor Paul Whitehouse – his Welsh Goth for a certain insurers’ TV ads is just the image I envision!