The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Movie

Katniss Everdeen steps forward, and steps in to the Hunger Games voluntarily, to take her sisters spot. Each of the 12 cities of Panem bring forth two teenagers from each city, to take part in the televised battle.

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The Hunger Games Movie Trailer

Credited cast : Stanley Tucci,Wes Bentley,Jennifer Lawrence,Willow Shields,Liam Hemsworth,Elizabeth Banks,Sandra Ellis Lafferty,Paula Malcomson,Rhoda Griffis,Sandino Moya,Josh Hutcherson,Raiko Bowman,Dwayne Boyd,Anthony Reynolds,Judd Lormand




The Hunger Games Movie Review

I so much waiting for this movie and it was just magically impressive. Beautiful, dramatic, with a very well-thought-out plot – well, perhaps with the exception of some very weird things, which, however, the creators and do not seek to explain and present as a given, a convention of this world, you want to take. And to get it without any problems, I must say.So, we have an excellent movie about a strong girl who’s younger sister instead sent to the scene of death to survive. Jennifer Lawrence, frankly I do not like the trailer, won his beautiful game and serious sparkling eyes. It is impossible not to recognize that it is perfect for this role.Her co-star, Josh Hutcherson, also makes a great impression – first looking mournful defenseless kid, during the games themselves, he reveals a different way.Special thanks to Amandle Stenberg, even very young actress, who played, however, the most touching and beautiful in the movie.

The Hunger Games movie – absolutely wonderful fiction thriller in which there is a place of love and friendship, and loyalty, and something else, such as national pride. Enchanting viewing experience. The movie beautifully shot, impeccably played and very well thought out in terms of plot. Have not had something so vivid and memorable. I highly recommend!

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