Finding Nemo

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In beautiful tropical sea, in the Great Barrier Reef living clown fish named Marlin. He raises his only son Nemo. The big ocean have many risks and it’s very afraid of Marlin, and he try to protect his son from them, but the young Nemo, who suffers from excessive curiosity, is keen to find out more about the mysterious reef…

  • Release Date: , re-released September 2012
  • Run Time:
  • Country: USA, Australia

Finding Nemo Movie Trailer


Credited cast : Albert Brooks, Willem Dafoe, Ellen DeGeneres, Geoffrey Rush, Alexander Gould, Brad Garrett, Allison Janney, Austin Pendleton, Stephen Root, Vicki Lewis, Joe Ranft, Andrew Stanton, Elizabeth Perkins, Nicholas Bird, Bob Peterson.




Finding Nemo Movie Review.

I had heard about Finding Nemo movie over a number of times, but I never got to see it. And finally, I did. The movie had spectacular graphics of the under water world and the water looked very inviting (in the Austalian Reef). And it had laughs from beginning to end! There were some interesting things I learned from the movie: Clown Fish’s instincts and how many eggs they can lay. And of course, what goes on in a fish’s mind.

Anyways, the Finding Nemo movie was about two Clown fish named Coral (Elizabeth Perkins) and Marlin (Albert Brooks). And one day, Coral was attacked by a barracuda and Marlin found one of his eggs a little wounded. And when the egg turned into a fish, it had a pectoral fin that was bigger than the other. Marlin named him Nemo (Alexander Gould).

One day, Nemo was abducted on a field trip by a dentist (Bull Hunter). The dentist thought Nemo needed a safe place to stay. Man! That abduction scene’s suspense KILLED me! Marlin went around looking for help in order to find Nemo and he bumped into a fish named Dory (Ellen DeGeneres). Fortunately, Dory suffered from a short term memory loss and she and Marlin went around in circles.

Later, they bumped into an intimidating Great White shark named Bruce (Barry Humphries), a Hammerhead named Anchor (Eric Bana) and a Raggedtooth or a blue shark named Chum (Bruce Spence. They always had meetings about fish are friends, not food. CUTE! They have a little sensitivity. HA!HA!HA! And when Dory and Marlin tried to escape, Bruce and his companions went after them and Bruce got a bomb stuck in his mouth , spat it out, and he and his companions ran! That explosion scene was great. And it was funny when two pelican’s were sitting on the water and a bubble came up from behind one of them and the other said “nice” and flew away.

Nemo woke up in a tank in the Dentist’s room in Sydney. And he made friends with the following in the tank: Peach, a starfish (Allison Janney), Gill, a triangular fish (Willem Dafoe), Bubbles, another triangular fish (Stephen Root), Deb, another triangular fish (Vicki Lewis), Gurgle, a colorful fish (Austin Pendleton)and a Jacques, a shrimp (Joe Ranft).

Back in the ocean, Dory and Marlin bumped into a beautiful light that belonged to a VICIOUS Angler fish! WHOA! And back in the tank, Nemo was known as “Shark Bate”. Everyone in the tank were planning to escape and Nemo too. And back in the ocean, it was amazing how those Sardines indicated to Marlin and Dory to where Nemo was taken. And amazing to see Dory and Marlin swim through that school of Jelly fish.

When Nemo was told to bust the generator of the tank. My heart pumped when Nemo nearly went into the fan! And again, back in the sea; there was an awesome scene with Dory and Marlin surfing with a turtle who was 150 years old named Crush (Andrew Stanton) with all the other turtles through the Australian Current. And it was So magnificent to see the baby turtle Squirt (Nicholas Bird) surf! A pelican named Nigel (Geoffrey Rush) told Nemo that his father had been looking for him. And back in the water, Dory and Marlin were trapped in a whales body. Awesome GRAPHICS! And they were spat out from the whale’s spout.

And finally, Dory and Marlin got the surface and they were carted off by Nigel off to the Dentist’s room. It was hysterically funny when those seagulls went after Nigel saying: “Mine!Mine!Mine!” And their beaks went through a sail of a yacht and they were still saying it! Now I knew where my Big Brother Chris Isherwood picked that phrase up from.

And back in the Dentist’s room, the Dentsit’s child Darla (LuLu Ebiling)(also known as “The Fish Killer”. You should’ve seen how terrible Darla was to Nemo when he was playing dead. And finally, Nemo escaped through the sewage pipe and back into the ocean. And when Dory bumped into Nemo and he introduced himself to her. Dory forgot everything and said: “Oh! That’s a nice name”. And SUDDENLY, Dory got caught up in a net, Nemo told all the other fish who were stranded in it to keep swimming and so did Marlin say it. And everyone broke out and were FREE to go.

In the end, everything went back to normal… and the fish from the Dentist’s room escaped. Finding Nemo – Another fishtastic movie with fishtastic surprises!!! :)