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“NASA and many other scientific organizations from all over the world, sending thousands signals into the space and hoping for any answer from other worlds. But we are sure that we want to get this answer? What if the aliens are not so peaceful like we think?”

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Credited cast : Liam Neeson, Rihanna, Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgård, Jesse Plemons, Tadanobu Asano, Peter MacNicol, John Bell, Josh Pence, Hamish Linklater, Reila Aphrodite, Beau Brasseaux, Leni Ito, John Tui




Battleship Movie Review

Growing up as a huge Transformers fan, this movie has grabbed my attention particularly because it was a movie adaptation of another Hasbro classic game (with the same name). These two have always been my favorites, with Transformers having the sci-fi story and battleship for its strategical mind games. Therefore I wasted no time in going to see the highly anticipated “Battleship“. Frankly speaking, before going to the cinema I had serious doubts about the cast. Liam Neeson is without a doubt a terrific actor, but my concerns were about Kitsch and especially Rihanna. I disliked Kitsch’s performance as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which to me and all hardcore fans was the most disloyal movie adaptation ever) but my main worry was Rihanna being cast (wait a second, as a soldier?). I was also surprised to see Neeson’s character being thrown into the background, which we are not used to a lot.

Starting in a comedy-romance tone, the plot then hits the audience with sci-fi in the first half and then jumps right into action in the second half. All action scenes were awesome, and being a huge fan of the Transformers trilogy (especially as a hardcore fan of the first one), the action scenes here are as good as Bay’s franchise. I think Peter Berg did a pretty good directorial job (although I disliked Hancock, which was extremely overrated) in handling the huge budget, but Kitsch’s performance was dull and far from satisfactory. You may not want an Oscar-type performance in an action movie, but it seemed as if he was forced to speak his lines. As an anti-Rihanna fan, I was really surprised by her acting, I think she did better than Kitsch in many ways. Skarsgård played his responsible brother duties very well, but Brooklyn Decker couldn’t go beyond the cliché “chick” role. A surprise was Asano, who was incredible in supporting Kitsch; and Gadson, who played the veteran heart-broken soldier extremely well.

There are two kinds of movies, those that you see for the quality and those who you go and see just for fun. Battleship movie does not disappoint you in terms of entertainment – it’s a 2 hour action-packed sci-fi flick which would satisfy most fans of the original game. Yet, taking the first Transformers movie as a reference, it is far from matching the expectations from such a huge budget.

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